Strategic Management

The strategic management consulting is designed to enable managers to align their business practices with the vision, mission and values of the company. Most companies are normally very good at strategizing and structuring, but many fail when it comes to implementation. It is this lack of efficient implementation that stands in the way of long-term success.

Maconis’s strategic management approach is not only aimed at the executive level during formulation of the company’s competitive strategy, but also focuses on how to successfully implement the strategy through active workforce participation. This is done through workshops at executive and middle management levels and through personal interaction and training with managers and employees at all levels.

Our Approach

The Maconis Strategic Management Services process has three stages, covering the current situation, the goals and the measures.

The Current Situation

During the initial stage, an analysis of the company’s leadership followed by a strategic analysis of the external and internal business environment is done. The main aim is to answer the question: What is the situation now? Knowing what the company and the external environment looks like provides management with the ability to identify opportunities and threats which the company can then explore or guard against. Identification of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses will allow management to improve where┬áneeded, using the strengths to overcome weaknesses and threats and to assist in successfully exploiting business opportunities.

The Goals

It is important for a company to know what it wants to be and what it wants to achieve. Crafting a vision, mission and establishing a value system for a company gives the company that ability. Although this process starts with the Executive team, the Maconis approach ensures that a shared vision is created as the process is facilitated through all levels of the organization. This will ensure buy-in and the focus needed for the implementation of the strategy.

The Measures

Realizing what the current situation is like and knowing where the leadership wants to take the company in the future, a gap analysis is conducted to determine what has to be done to realize the future. Based on the result of the gap analysis, a core strategy and re-defined goals are formulized. These are company specific and indicate how the future is going to be realized, preparing the company to successfully execute their strategy. This phase is essential for the successful implementation of the company’s performance management system as it is the cornerstone for the development and implementation of a Balanced Scorecard.

Maconis assists clients based on the results of the strategic management process to develop a comprehensive Balanced Scorecard for strategic, managerial and operational decision making and action. Implementation can now start based on firm support of all stakeholders. The Balanced Scorecard will ensure that any initiative started will be in line with the company’s strategy. The measures will cover the achievement of both short and long-term objectives and it will be relatively easy to determine the incentives that are needed for attaining the strategic objectives.

The identification of these operational measures is part of the performance management and incentive phases.