Research & Analyses

Our Expertise

Our understanding of business issues and how to apply the right market research tools, and our knowledge and resources of how to get the best answers for the local marketplace, allow us to provide the critical information needed for strategic decision-making.

Research Areas

Our consultants have extensive experience of carrying out tailored, research-based projects on behalf of our clients. This flexible and cost-effective service covers strategic business areas such as:

  • Market Entry Research
  • Market Profiles
  • Industry Profiles
  • Company Profiles
  • Socio-economic Environment
  • Forecasting
  • Due Diligence Research

Research Methods

We will customize a Focus Group, Interview, Survey or a combination of the research methods to get the answers you need to make your decisions. The Focus Group can be conducted in the area of your target market, using the participants from your target market audience. In most cases, the most effective means of research is using a combination of focus groups and surveys.


Market Research

Combining custom research with competitive intelligence, Maconis provides its clients with critical market and cosio-economic data that enable them to make smart business decisions. Maconis’ seasoned professionals provide clients with unparalleled market intelligence, and actionable market knowledge.

   Services include:

Custom Market Research
Competitive Intelligence
Technology, Industrial, and Investment Markets

Market Entry

Entering an East European market can be a daunting task for offshore businesses. Some major entry barriers to include product adoption rates, product differentiation, capital requirements, access to distribution channels, and local expertise. The challenge for all businesses interested in expanding into new geographic territories is to leap those barriers and achieve their market entry goals. Maconis provides its clients with an end-to-end market entry solution that lowers the risk and cost of entering the Bulgarian market, enabling clients to define real market entry conditions, identify ideal market readiness, and prioritize key distribution sales objectives.

   Services include:

Market Entry Research
Market Entry Strategy
Market Entry Business Development

Sales Acceleration

We provide our clients with clear recommendations for their local business, market and partner issues, helping them formulate, review and choose beneficial sales and management options based on in-depth expert analysis. This assists in reducing expenses and growing revenues for a profitable and sustainable business.

   Services include:

End-user Sales
Distribution Sales
Sales Management

IP Licensing

Maconis work with global Intellectual Property (IP) owners for licensing out of patents, trade marks, and service marks to large enterprise and government related organizations. We can assist with introducing and finalizing industry specific IP commercialization opportunities.

   Services include:

Licensing Out
Transaction Types
Industry Specific