Business Process Redesign & Optimization

Our Business Process Optimization (BPO) service is designed to help clients achieve measurable results in short order by refining their business processes.

Maconis seasoned service professionals bring extensive experience and a proven track record to BPO assignments, providing a structured framework to document and evaluate all business processes. This approach includes:

  • Applying best practices workflow templates to capitalize on successful implementations
  • Mapping process activities to organizational roles to clarify responsibilities and identify stress points
  • Mapping interrelated processes to determine the broadest impact of proposed changes
  • Defining reports that can be used to track, monitor and analyze key operational metrics

Throughout a BPO engagement, clients participate in process optimization workshops to ensure that the joint BPO team remains focused on those areas where technology and process adjustments can have the greatest impact. During the course of these BPO workshops, the joint BPO team defines:

Documented processes with workflows, activity descriptions, and performance measurements
Role definitions, skills requirements and a training plan so that organizational change can be achieved in a smooth and controlled manner
A comprehensive plan that maps key processes with the new technology applications